Kilbi 2014 Visuals — and more to come.
Meanwhile check the Programm!

And we'll be working the foam…

Wall Calendar 2014 — Sold-Out!

Soon the year is over, and you might ask yourself "how will I be able to organize the upcoming year?". Well, maybe this is just what you need! What could be better than the science that examines the arrangement of atoms in solids to get your shit together? Yes, you have guessed it, next year is going to be the International year of crystallography.

2014 Calendar specs.
- Offset Print
- Limited edition of 100
- 150gr white offset paper
- Format 60 x 84 cm

"Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can."

The very first Poster fresh from my Letterpress is a Quote from Arthur Ashe (July 10, 1943 – February 6, 1993).

A first attempt to create a laser cut wood type for my Letterpress, which has finally found a Home. The FAG Swissproof 40 which was built in 1978, is now located at Cric Print, our local Printer Guys & Girls in Fribourg, and is ready to be rolled.

Poster specs.
- Letterset print
- Black print
- Limited edition of 50
- 300gr white paper
- Format 40 x 58 cm

How to get one
- step by at my office and get it for CHF 25.-
- if you dont have a pay pal account, you can send me an mail to beni[at] (you will recieve the poster incl. an invoice)


Please note that due to my vacation, no shippings are done between December 10th and January 14th.


Fri–Son 1983—2013
Together with Anna Haas, we are very happy to present the long awaited Fri-Son book, for the 30-year anniversary of Fri-Son in Fribourg. You can order your Copy right here!

The very first Job printed on my Letterpress is this Flyer for the Next Step Event at Fri-Son. Deep & Minimal Dubstep, brought to you by the Guys from the Unreleased Kollektiv.

Billy Ben and Julien Chavaillaz are now working together on the Fri-Son Programs and Posters. On the same Joint Venture we had the pleasure to design last Year's Bad Bonn Kilbi (see post from 21.04.2013)

Limited edition of 100 Audio Tapes by Splendini. Handmade cardboard seleves.

Poster for Fri-Son Concert Previews…

Poster for the PAN Labelnight at Fri-Son, in collaboration with Julien Chavaillaz

Poster for the 27th Edition of the "FIFF" International Film Festival in Fribourg. This Year's main Theme were Sport-Films.

Lettering-work for Omar Souleyman Poster playing at Fri-Son this Month.

Poster for the Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival in collaboration with Julien Chavaillaz.

Mickey Pearce playing at Fri-Son's Next Step Session. Flyer Artwork.

The Wall Calendar 2013 is in the Press!

A friendly little "helper" for your Wall — and 2013 will be easy!

2013 Calendar specs.
- Offset Print
- Limited edition of 150
- 115gr Poster Paper with Blue Verso
- Format 60 x 84 cm

How to get one
- step by at my office and get it for CHF 15.-
- if you dont have a pay pal account you can send me an mail to calendar[at] (you will recieve the calendar incl. an invoice)

Switzerland CHF 30.- (incl. shipping)
Europe CHF 35.- (incl. shipping)
Rest of the World CHF 40.- (incl. shipping)
(Price in Swiss Francs)


The Analog Notepads — Sold out!

— Offset Print
— Limited edition of 50
— 100 Pages 80g/m2 Offset Paper with 5mm Grid
— Grey Cardboard Back
— Size: Din A5 | 14.8 x 21 cm

The Fri-Son 30 anniversary Wall Calendar is on sale now.
Click here to order your Copy directly from Fri-Son

My contribution for the 5th Soirée Graphique (by Komet) at the Kunsthalle Bern. Interpretations of the Poster were made by Sebastien Agnetti (Paris), Beat Brogle (Berlin) and Samuli Blatter (Luzern)

The inspiration for this Poster came from the rather intriguing story behind the Song from the 1937 animated Film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” by Walt Disney. “Whistle While You Work” is basically the first American Film to have a soundtrack album. Since Disney did not have its own music publishing company at this time, the publishing rights for the music and songs were administered through the Bourne Co., which continues to hold these rights. The soundtrack was released in conjunction with the feature film.

Each letter is hand drawn, no repetitions.

Picture by S. Concigliery

Café de la Presse and their new Micro Brew Beer "La Pression". Enjoy!

Artwork & Design for the New Sophie Hunger Double Album "The Danger of Light" (Deluxe Digipack or Double 180 gr Vinyl) out on Two Gentlemen. Photographs by Augustin Rebetez. More Pictures will follow…

Poster, Announcing upcoming Shows at Fri-Son. Offset Print. F4 Size

Goldener Schnitt - Drawing for Fri-Son monthly Program

"Blood" 7inch vinyl cover for Nick Porsche (out on Two Gentlemen).


Calendar 2012 by Billy Ben & Pan
Fresh from the Screenprinter, order your Copy Now!

The 2012 Calendar edition is the result of a joint-venture workshop between Billy Ben & Pan. Circling around Wooden objects, from the past, the present and the future. Some have personal meanings others don't. We know them all, we love them or hate them…
It's meant to fit into our x-mas sale stand wich you can see below. There will be other joint-venture things like Handprinted Cards, Sketchbooks and Bird Feeders. Stay tuned for more pictures & updates.

2012 Calendar specs.
- Screenprinted
- Limited edition of 250
- 170gr Recycle Paper
- Format 60 x 84 cm
- Hand Signed

How to get your Copy
- step by at our office and get it for CHF 20.- (we are here)
- use Pay Pal below
- or send us an mail to calendar[at]
  you will recieve the calendar incl. an invoice
- Price in Swiss Francs
  Switzerland CHF 30.- (incl. shipping)
  Europe CHF 30.- (incl. shipping)
  Rest of the World CHF 40.- (incl. shipping)

Please choose:

New Website for Sophie Hunger

X-Mas at Fri-Son 2011

Fresh from the printer!
The New Monthly Fri-Son Program. November-December 2012.
Printed on Superset Snow 90g/m2 Paper. poster and pocket size fold out.

Fold out program

Front side (Poster)

Back side (Fold out)

A selection of Concert Posters

Big Boi

Crystal Castles


Faust & Zenit

Elusive Bastard


Lilly Wood & The Pricks

Ping Pong #19

Ping Pong #18

The Low Anthem

Wye Oak

X-Mas at Fri-Son 2010

Pigeon John

Spezialmaterial vs. Staubgold

Naughty by Nature

Season Preview Concerts

French Films

Fleet Foxes

Poster for Hotsteppers Concert at Fri-Son

Poster proposition for Alela Diane Concert at Fri-Son.

The New Monthly Fri-Son Program. September-October 2012.
Printed on Superset Snow 90g/m2 Paper. poster and pocket size fold out.

Front side (Poster)

Back side (Fold out)

Billy Ben's office has moved! Still in Fribourg, but next to Trainstation. You are Welcome to step by and say Hello! And here is the link -> how to find me.

Billy Ben is Happy to be part of the PANORAMA Exhibition in Geneva!

Among Madame Paris, Happy Pets, Gavillet & Rust, League, Renato Zülli, Georges Calame, Flavia Cocchi, Schönherwehrs, Maximage, Werner Jeker, Martin Oberli, Notter + Vigne, DIY, Körner Union, Roger Pfund, Schaffter Sahli, Aris Zenone, Fageta, Charlotte & Mathias, superbüro, Federal...

PANORAMA. Design graphique en Suisse romande
Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève  25.03 – 26.06.2011

Un projet de Schönherwehrs – studio de communication visuelle réunissant les graphistes Gregor Schönborn, Stéphane Hernandez et Niels Wehrspann – développé en collaboration avec Katya García-Antón, directrice du Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève.

© Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève | Photo : David Gagnebin-de bons

© Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève

© Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève

© Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève

Tomorrow starts the 25th Edition of the International Film Festival Fribourg. More Pictures of the whole Project will be posted soon.

Billy Ben Calendar 2011
Sold out!

For all you Bicycle Lovers out there, fresh from the Printer, to get organized for 2011.

- Offset Print Black & White / Pencil Drawing
- Poster Paper with Blue Verso
- Format 60 x 84 cm
- Swiss National Hollidays
- Hand Signed
- CHF 25.- Rolled (Shipping included in CH & EU)
- CHF 17.- Folded (Shipping included in CH & EU)

Black & White - Personal Project

Sketch Book Cover Illustration - Personal Project.
Quote by Woody Allen

Today i got a Copy of Slanted's "Typolyrics" Book.
I contributed the illustration to the song "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice.
More information on the Book here

Identity for the 20th edition of the Kilbi Festival at Bad Bonn / Düdingen.
More images from all the different stuff will be posted soon! Here's a "sneak-a-peak" preview of the Kilbilogo.

Identity for the legendary "Café le Tunnel" in Fribourg.
New logotype - Menu - different brandings

Fri-Son April Poster

Logotype for LAP "Lotti, Altinger & Partner Architekten"

Dillen - New Mixtape by Marc Robert
Download it from the Mixtape Section

Diary 16 published the 2nd Issue with the theme "Sensitive Surface"
Billy Ben contributed 3 spread pages.
More information about Diary 16 here

Dubhook - New Mixtape by Feldermelder
Download it from the Mixtape Section

La Vida No Vale Nada - New Mixtape by Superwolf
Download it from the Mixtape Section

Queen 1956 - New Mixtape by Your Fault
Download it from the Mixtape Section

Drawings for Fri-Son March Program & Poster.

Fri-Son March Poster

Late update ;)
Poster for the christmas Fest special at Fri-Son.

Branding for Fribourg Bike Messengers "Coursiers à vélo Fribourg"
Doing all of their runs ony Fixies only!

Space Yolk - New Mixtape by Dj Dottter
Download it from the Mixtape Section

Double Spread Page for "Hors Serie" Le Temps - Newspaper insert. Showing the weekly program of Couleur 3 Radiostation. Using mostly images and visuals from adverts i created over the last year.

Poster for The Islands @ Fri-Son, unfortunantly the Show is cancelled!

Advert for Laurent Garnier's Radioshow in France & Switzerland
"It Is What It Is"

Justified Joyride - New Mixtape by Modeste aka Agnès
Download it from the Mixtape Section

Heaven Is Full - New Mixtape by Billy Ben
Download it from the Mixtape Section

It can only get better - New Mixtape by Billy Ben!
Download it from the Mixtape Section

Picture by Billy Ben / Backyard Mini Ramp in Rome, 2009

Vic Chesnutt — R.I.P.

Poster for the Creaked Records Label Anniversary, Weekend Partys & Exhibition. Silkscreen with glow in the dark ink - printed by Lowrider

Some of my work & collaboration work with Anna Haas are shown in the new Die Gestalten Book "Regular" Graphic Design Today. With a preface by François Rappo, graphic deisgner, typographer and the head of the Graphic design Department at ECAL.

Graphic design is in constant flux. In recent years, the digitalisation of media and the return of materials and personal identity have strongly influenced the development of graphic design and its adjoining disciplines. This evolution has prompted designers to define new rules and aesthetics paving the way for future media.
Regular documents the current state of graphic design and presents a new generation of creative excellence. The book features examples of progressive manifestations in the printed form from poster design, book and magazine editorial design to typography. This expansive volume provides an in depth look at the state-of-the-art of contemporary graphic design.

Some New Concert Posters for Fri-Son

Flyer for Couleur 3 Show - Electro Libre

Advert for Couleur 3 - LUFF Festival

Unfold - New Mixtape by Billy Ben!
Download it from the Mixtape Section

Personal project - illustration for a Shirt.

Illustration for Shirt - Couleur3.
More images of the actual shirts available soon.

Illustration for a Festival Dj-booth at Festi'neuch - Couleur3

Advert for Couleur 3 - Yuksek à domicile

Flyer for Couleur3 Radiostation

Illustration for a printed Tote-Bag - Couleur 3

Jardin de Lucien 2nd edition - 21st of June, come and hang out with us!

Here is the full information about our (The Good, The Bad and No Ugly) Dj-set at the Bad Bonn Kilbi. Thank you Sven Wälti!

New Mixtape by Billy Ben!
Download it from the Mixtape Section

Ping Pong #10 T-Shirts on Sale Now!
See the whole design & order information

Advert for the Swiss Radio Station Couleur 3
insert for the printed Programm of Electron Festival in Geneva

Hi Folk's!
The God, The Bad And No Ugly
will play at the Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival '09!
Check out the rest of the CRAZY Program: Bad Bonn Kilbi '09

Updates in the Fri-Son Program Season 07-09 section!

Marc and I are proud to announce our 10th Ping Pong edition. As usual it takes place at the Fri-Son 25th of February 2009. We made a limited edition of 50 Tee Shirts, sold at the event and if there are some left you can buy them on the Fri-Son website! Meanwhile you can look at the flyer :)

Tee Shirts are kindly printed by Lowrider - check the website!

Billy Ben's Work was linked on the "Nineteeneightythree" Blog!
Thank you Kenny K S Wan. And a Big Swiss Hug out to Hong Kong!

Visit the Site!

New Background for the Fri-Son Website.
Visit the Site!

New Concert Posters for Fri-Son
More Stuff Concert Posters Season 08/09

New Mixtapes by Billy Ben
Find your way to the Mixtape Section

New Year's Eve, Poster & Flyer for Fri-Son. Printed on Superset 240gr/m2
More Stuff in the Party Flyer Section


Illustration for 2009 Billy Ben Calendar.
Send me a mail with your postal adress to get a copy!
More personal work in the Stuff and Things section

Billy Ben was published in Idpure #16!
More information in the Press section

Ping Pong #9 - Flyer
Our next Ping Pong event takes place on december the 10th, at Fri-Son
Dj's Miracle Blade, Feldermelder & Aïkon
More Stuff in the Party Flyer Section